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Back in September of this year I had filmed two episodes of the show, Untold Stories of the ER which airs on The Learning Channel (TLC), a subsidiary of Discovery Channel.  We were filming the 5th season of the show here in Vancouver (specifically in Coquitlam’s Riverview Hospital, a BC Mental Health & Addiction facility.) The first four seasons were filmed in the USA and the last of the fourth season aired at the end of 2006.

Here’s some brief information about the show taken from Wikipedia:

Untold Stories of the ER is a docudrama television series where real-life emergency room doctors tell about their most bizarre and puzzling cases. Typically these involve medical sabotage, violently or strangely acting patients, life-threatening injuries, or even situations in which the E.R. physician is too overwhelmed to handle the caseload and can’t transfer responsibility for the patient to someone else.

Often the doctors play themselves, and whenever possible the patients themselves take part in the reenactment as well. If they don’t appear as themselves during their medical emergency, they are often shown in brief interviews to show the public how they turned out.

Each episode includes three different scenarios. One of the stories that I’m in is when I play a medical student, along side the real doctor which the story is based on, Dr Benjamin Killey in the scenario entitled “Grinning Mom.” In that episode, a woman is in labour giving birth to her first child. The birth of her new born baby goes well but then we realize that the new mom is acting strange – grinning with a blank stare for no apparent reason. All of a sudden she…

Of course I’m not going to give away the rest of the scene.  You’re going to have to watch for that.

The second episode I’m in, I play the part of the senior resident doctor along side the real life doctor Dr Kristen Nordenholz, entitled “Exploding Aorta.” In this episode a patient is brought in from an apartment fire and is suffering from smoke inhalation. She is in pain and we’re trying to figure out why.  A cool thing about this episode is that I learned how to intubate a patient – something I never hope to have done to me.

Below are some pictures from on-set:

Here are some of the upcoming episodes which include some local actors I know of (with their twitter links):

November 10Brad Harder (the groom)
November 17Jeff Gladstone
November 24Michele Cummins
December 8 “Exploding Aorta” – Kenji Maeda (chief resident doctor), Brad Harder (fire fighter), Simon Raymond.
December 22 “Grinning Mom” – Kenji Maeda (medical student), Ricki Prosper (nurse), Ben Killey (himself), Brandon Hart (doctor)

Episode list above is what I’ve been told but they are subject to change. Case in point: my Dec 22 episode was initially scheduled for Nov 17.

Check out the TLC website for full listings of episodes, dates, and times. The episodes repeat so if you miss the original air date I suspect you’ll be able to catch the episode again later.

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John Smith February 26, 2011 at 6:45 am

Do you happen to know what the title and artist of the theme song from the new commercial is?

Kenji Maeda March 21, 2011 at 12:39 pm

No, sorry, I don’t.

Trudy Parisien May 14, 2011 at 12:12 am

Hi there, I was the Key Makeup Artist on the last Season of Untold Stories of the ER, the reason I’m writing you is I’ve been asks to provide photos of my work for a well known magazine called Makeup Artists Magazine that is running a story of the show, I’ve lost all of my Photos of the makeup FX I’d did and was wandering if you got any really great make up photos of scars or blood anything interesting. If so I would appreciate if you could share them with me.
Thanks so much Trudy

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